About Us

BERGSTOP was founded in Switzerland by Outdoor- and Travel-Enthusiasts who were looking for new solutions to make travel and leisure more comfortable. We want to offer multi-functional equipment, e.g. novelty sleeping bags with innovative features without compromising quality, weight and affordability. The company name was inspired by the Swedish term 'bergs topp' which means mountain top or peak, as symbolized in our round logo. 

Together with collaborators and testers we design and enhance our products and manufacture them in Asia at reliable, BSCI-certified suppliers and under strict supervision of experts with extensive buying and sourcing experience in Asia. Read more about our sustainability concept in our Blog here.

High quality materials ensure functionality and durability, and our products are tested according to EU standards.

The various CozyBag Models and the Liners are available online and in a range of specialized shops in Switzerland, Europe and Asia.

Further distribution is planned in Scandinavia, North America, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Australia/New Zealand. BERGSTOP is inviting interested parties as possible distributors or retailers in this markets. Please contact us for more information.


Authorized Dealers:

Where to find our BERGSTOP products

You will always find our full range in our onlineshop here 

Selected models are available in the following retail stores or online shops:



Berg-Freunde.ch Onlineshop (CozyBags and Liner)

Galaxus.ch Onlineshop (CozyBags and MicroLiner)

Kreher Camping Shop, Burgzelglistr. 23b, 4322 Mumpf Find on Map

MaterialMagazin.ch Outdoor and Survival Hardware Store (Wilderness Camo and Snow)   


Bergsport Schwanda, Bäckerstrasse 7, 1010 Vienna (Liners) Find on Map

Panto Outdoor, Rauhholzstrasse 18, 6971 Hard, Vorarlberg (Liners) Find on Map


For B2B inquiries you can contact our Distributor in Germany:

Mountain Peaks – the outdoor agency
Winterstraße 11
90522 Oberasbach
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 / 22 00 157
E-Mail: info@mountain-peaks.de
Website: www.mountain-peaks.de

And you already find some of our CozyBag and Liners in this shops:

Frankonia onlineshop (Wilderness)

Bergfreunde.de onlineshop (SilkLiner)

Camp4, Karl-Marx-Allee 32, 10178 Berlin (MicroLiner) Find on Map

Sachen fuer Unterwegs - SFU - Neue Str. 20, 38100 Braunschweig (MicroLiner) Find on Map

KiThcom Sanitätshaus, Rendsburger Straße 30. 30659 Hannover (Lahe) (Zippy, Kids) Find on Map

Sanitätshaus H&R, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Str. 27, 41564 Kaarst (Classic) Find on Map

Basislager, Kaiserstrasse 231, 76133 Karlsruhe (Classic and MicroLiner) Find on Map

VerticalExtreme, Erlkamer Strasse 2, 83607 Holzkirchen (near Munich) (CozyBags and Liners) Find on Map 

Spezial-Depot Dehler, An der Laugna 1, 86477 Adelsried (Snow and Wilderness) Find on Map

Intersport Haisermann, Poststr. 1, 88161 Lindenberg / Allgäu (Classic und SilkLiner) Find on Map

FreizeitFanatiker Outdoor Sports, Martin-Luther-Str. 7-9, 91217 Hersbruck (MicroLiner, SilkLiner) Find on Map

TrekkingLaden Regensburg, Obere Bachstrasse 14, 93047 Regensburg, Bayern Find on Map  


For B2B inquiries you can contact our Distributor for BeNeLux:

Retail Center Maarsbergen, 
Ambachtsweg 14, NL- 3953 BZ Maarsbergen
mostoutdoor.com | info@mostoutdoor.com
Mobile: 0031-6-53317544

And you already find some of our CozyBag and Liners in this shops:

ScoutShop Nederland, Larikslaan 5, 3833 AM Leusden Find on Map

Kienstra Schoen+Outdoor, Rixt van Doniastraat 27, 9163 GP Nes Ameland Find on Map

CheapOutdoor Nederland, onlineshop   

Sportief Tilburg, Prof. Goossenslaan 26, 5022 DM Tilburg Find on Map 

T.O.M. Internet Outdoorshop, onlineshop  


Apuväline Avux, Pukkilantie 2, 14200 TURENKI (Zippy) onlineshop

Hong Kong:

RC Outfitter (Classic and SilkLiner)




Read our BERGSTOP BLOG for the latest news, such as: