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  • Bergstop: innovative Schlafsäcke mit Armen und Kapuze

    Freedom to move. Innovative solutions for travel and leisure

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  • Bergstops CozyBag: sehr guter Camping Schlafsack mit Armen

    Chill out anywhere and keep warm

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  • Bergstop Schlafsäcke: 3-in-1 Produkte Schlafsack, Kuschelmantel und Jacke

    Get up any time you want without getting out of your sleeping bag

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  • Bergstop MicroLiner: Hüttenschlafsack mit Armen und Kapuze

    Sleep comfortably in any hostel, feel free to get up anytime

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  • Bergstop innovative Schlafsäcke: Tag und Nacht

    Versatile for camping, for sleeping at night and keeping warm during the day

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Camping Anja M., Scouts Switzerland

The CozyBag always comes in handy. I take it to every scout camp.

Fishing Chris B., Passionate fisher

I love to be on the lake early in the morning. After several hours on the lake it can become quite cold for any fisher. The CozyBag was the ideal addition to my fishing equipment.

Windsurfing Balz Müller, Freestyle Windsurfer

I love to hang out with friends after a full day of windsurfing. The Bergstop CozyBag is simply perfect for that.