CozyBag Wilderness: sleeping bag for -5 degrees, ideal for wildlife watching and photography

You want to be quick, to catch the perfect frame, even if it takes a long wait at cold temperatures. Stay warm and keep your freedom to move with our CozyBag Wilderness. Ideal for wildlife or landscape photographers, this wearable sleeping bag with arms can be buttoned up to walk around any time. Soft, silent fabric in green or camouflage blends you discreetly into the background, while you wait for the perfect light and moment.

  • The CozyBag Wilderness is your reliable and versatile companion. With the opened and buttoned up bottom it’s a jacket or coat. Completely closed it’s a sleeping bag that keeps you warm all night under a starry sky. And the sleeves keep your arms free to move anytime, to grab the camera, the mobile phone or other equipment. Soon you don’t want to miss the CozyBag anywhere, when travelling, camping, in a hut or everywhere you want to feel comfortable.

Cozybag Wilderness - the ideal 3 season sleeping bag


Sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it in hundreds of situations. See how to fold up the CozyBag to a jacket in our blogpost here.

The warmer CozyBag Wilderness is perfect for bird-watchers, wildlife photographers, fishermen and hunters or everybody who wishes a discreet and low profile colour while camping or staying outdoors for a long time. The special hand opening makes it easy to grab your equipment anytime and the fabric minimizes noise when moving.

The new CozyBag Wilderness comes with a practical RollSack compression bag with buckles instead of velcro.

See all features, details and sizes below.

Cozybag Zippy - our extra wide sleeping bag with sleeves

SALE !!! Only few colors and sizes left !!! 

Sit and sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it in hundreds of situations.

The CozyBag ZIPPY is warm as the Wilderness, but is wider and comes with a special zip-off bottom, that is made of strong material. It is designed for everybody who has to mainly sit over long times, but want a versatile CozyBag to also sleep or walk. It is suitable for wheelchair users, wildlife watchers or photographers, security personnel in winter or ice fishers. The hand opening at the bottom of the arm makes it easier to handle wheelchair controls and grab your equipment anytime. 

The new sizing is better and aligned our other CozyBag models. Check the size chart to see what fits best for you. The Zippy comes packed in a ShoulderBag and also contains a WrapSack to pack it even smaller, when needed. Please see all features, details and sizes in the tabs below.