Snuggle up at home in your wearable sleeping bags

Is your last camping trip a distant memory? Cheer up, our wearable sleeping bags and liners are multifunctional, so they don’t have to stay in the closet the other 50 weeks of the year! You can wear the CozyBag in home-office or while home-schooling, safe on the heating and stay warm and healthy. Enjoy the fresh air outdoors in the garden or while watching the stars. Go sleep a night on the balcony in our down-filled CozyBag SNOW and dream about a bivouac on a big wall! And one day, we will go out camping again…

  • Even stuck at home during lockdowns there are plenty of chances to utilize our wearable sleeping bags. Lounge around on the couch, watching TV or reading a book, the arms and hand opening keep you warm and allow you to flip the pages or the channels. You can also enjoy your balcony all year round, while doing yoga or meditation the hood and windproof fabric protects head and body. To walk around you can quickly open the bottom and button it up, but 3 pockets make sure that you don’t need to go search your phone. Indoor sleeping bags as our SilkLiner can be used as pajama, better than a jumpsuit because it keeps your feet warm and is easier to go to the bathroom with. It also doubles as a bathrobe or a super-long hoodie you can wear all day around the house. No need to think how to dress anymore! Have a look below at some of our products and a click on the title will bring you to the detail pages.

CozyBag Light - our lightweight sleeping bag

Made in the EU with new filling and in 2 colors! Even lighter now!   

Sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, the wearable sleeping bag for hundreds of situations.

Our CozyBag LIGHT is the lightweight model for summer or warmer climate, with a super-soft-touch material, lighter and smaller to pack, but with all the same practical features of all CozyBag models. Available in 4 sizes and 2 colors. Whether for camping, traveling or for leisure around the house, it offers you freedom to move anywhere you go. See how to fold up the CozyBag to a jacket in our blogpost here.

It comes packed in the new RollSack, much more practical to pack without the effort of stuffing! See all features, details and sizes below.


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Cozybag Wilderness - the ideal 3 season sleeping bag


Sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it in hundreds of situations. See how to fold up the CozyBag to a jacket in our blogpost here.

The warmer CozyBag Wilderness is perfect for bird-watchers, wildlife photographers, fishermen and hunters or everybody who wishes a discreet and low profile colour while camping or staying outdoors for a long time. The special hand opening makes it easy to grab your equipment anytime and the fabric minimizes noise when moving.

The new CozyBag Wilderness comes with a practical RollSack compression bag with buckles instead of velcro.

See all features, details and sizes below.