Cozybag Zippy: Novelty outdoor clothing for wheelchair users

The CozyBag ZIPPY has been designed as a multifunctional and practical wheelchair cozy / onesie for active wheelchair users. On your way to work or on your outdoor pursuits, the CozyBag keeps you warm from head to toe. But it is also suitable for all who have to sit long time in cold weather, for example ice-fishers, wildlife photographers or hunters who want to stay warm while waiting, and like to have a sleeping bag for travels at other times.

  • Specially designed for wheelchair users but suitable for all people who have to mostly sit and stay warm! Two layers of StopTec insulation material keeps you warm, is soft and comfortable to wear and minimizes pressure marks. The high quality central zipper can be fully opened and all zippers have extension loops which makes it easy to open and close even with gloves on. The bottom can be opened, flipped back or detached completely and makes it easy to get your feet into the CozyBag. The bottom material is so strong that you can even keep your shoes on! The CozyBag has a unique design in the world of mobility aids. Besides the application as a wheelchair cosy, you can use it as a sleeping bag or a blanket on your next trip.

Cozybag Zippy - our extra wide sleeping bag with sleeves

SALE !!! Only few colors and sizes left !!! 

Sit and sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it in hundreds of situations.

The CozyBag ZIPPY is warm as the Wilderness, but is wider and comes with a special zip-off bottom, that is made of strong material. It is designed for everybody who has to mainly sit over long times, but want a versatile CozyBag to also sleep or walk. It is suitable for wheelchair users, wildlife watchers or photographers, security personnel in winter or ice fishers. The hand opening at the bottom of the arm makes it easier to handle wheelchair controls and grab your equipment anytime. 

The new sizing is better and aligned our other CozyBag models. Check the size chart to see what fits best for you. The Zippy comes packed in a ShoulderBag and also contains a WrapSack to pack it even smaller, when needed. Please see all features, details and sizes in the tabs below.

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