Change the CozyBag into a jacket

October 18, 2020

Change the CozyBag into a jacket

Our wearable sleeping bags give you freedom to move, while sleeping with your arms in any position, and when you get up and wear it as a jacket. Most CozyBags can be buttoned up to transform them into a jacket. One exception is the ZIPPY that has a detachable bottom instead.

On our older model CLASSIC we used 4 snap buttons, but sometimes the ones on the sides open unintentionally e.g. when sitting down. So, we changed the side buttons to a system with an elastic loop, to provide tolerance for the tension in that area.

Here we show how to button up the CozyBag to wear it comfortably as a jacket around the campsite. When you get up from sleeping, slide out the hands through the openings on the sleeve and release the stopper at the bottom:

CozyBag Bottom

Open the bottom and separate the stopper with the small button at the center:

CozyBag Stopper

Open the central zipper and get up, pull up the bottom to your chest. First open the loop on the side of the bottom and slip it through the elastic loop under the armpit:

CozyBag fold up

Then close the snap button near the zipper (see title picture). Proceed in the same way on the other side, your CozyBag is now buttoned up:

CozyBag inside

Now close the central zipper again. Pull the slider down from inside and then up again on the outside:

CozyBag zipper

And within a minute, you can enjoy your freedom to move!

CozyBag as jacket

See here our video instruction for better detail of the standard procedure:


If you are in a hurry, or just need to go for a short trip to the bathroom at night, there is a quick way to fold up your CozyBag. Release the stopper and open the bottom as above, but don’t separate the stopper or open the zipper. Just pull up the bottom to your waist:

CozyBag fold bottom up

Close the cord again around your waist and fix it with the stopper:

CozyBag cord at waist

 And in less than 30 seconds you are ready to go!

CozyBag walking

Also for this method we can show in our video instruction how easy it is:


 You haven’t yet got your CozyBag? Review our collection here:


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