Enjoy the freedom of camping

Holidays at last… Summer is coming, and camp sites are open in many regions. Keep it local this year, enjoy the freedom in your tent or caravan, so you are also independent from changing flights and travel restrictions. With our multifunctional wearable sleeping bags you keep your freedom to move, while sleeping, sitting outside or walking around the camp site. Just button it up and go. Even practical for your “staycation”, just enjoy the fresh air on the balcony, in the garden or while watching the stars.

  • Also hostels and mountain huts are open again, ask while booking what kind of sleeping liner you are expected to bring. Some huts require a genuine sleeping bag. With our CozyBag Light or SilkLiner you are covered, not only for a comfortable sleep, but also while moving around in the hut. They can double as a bathrobe or a super-long hoodie you can wear all evening. You can even keep it on for the trip to the loo at night! Have a look below at some of our products and a click on the title will bring you to the detail pages.

Cozybag Wilderness - the ideal 3 season sleeping bag


Sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it in hundreds of situations. See how to fold up the CozyBag to a jacket in our blogpost here.

The warmer CozyBag Wilderness is perfect for bird-watchers, wildlife photographers, fishermen and hunters or everybody who wishes a discreet and low profile colour while camping or staying outdoors for a long time. The special hand opening makes it easy to grab your equipment anytime and the fabric minimizes noise when moving.

The camouflage pattern blends in well in many environments and has a specially soft, matte and brushed fabric to be even more silent when moving. See our special blog post about this model.

All CozyBag Wilderness come in a practical shoulder bag and include our WrapSack compression bag.

See all features, details and sizes below.

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Bergstop SilkLiner is a silk sleeping bag liner

Sleep in any position with your arms free, get up and walk around in seconds, wear it for hundreds of situations.

The SilkLiner has a hood and arms to keep you warm in any position, and the bottom opening allows you to walk around at any time. The soft rip-stop silk feels smooth and comfortable on the skin and is tear resistant. Inside a sleeping bag it increases the temperature range by 5 degrees and at only 190 grams it can travel with you anywhere to hostels, campsites or couch-surfing.

See further details and size table below, select the right size for you here.

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