Wash and maintain the water-repellence

September 11, 2021

Wash and maintain the water-repellence

The CozyBag allows you to sleep comfortably with your arms free to move in all directions. And the  bottom opens quickly, to allow you to get up and go, e.g. to the toilet on the campsite. But what if it's raining right then? Or if you are outside for a longer time with the CozyBag, when taking photos or around the camp?

CozyBag in rain and snow

First of all, sleeping bags are never waterproof because the seams cannot be taped. But the outer fabric of our CozyBags comes with a water-repellent coating. Drizzle, a brief shower or splash of water beads up and runs off from the fabric and thus leaves you dry.

After some time in use or after a few washes this coating wears off and should be renewed. There are now environmentally friendly and very effective products from various specialized manufacturers. We recommend combining LOFT WASH ECO and TEXTILE GUARD ECO from the german brand FIBERTEC. All their products are manufactured in Germany.


Wash first

The CozyBag should be washed first, preferably by hand in lukewarm water with the LOFT WASH ECO Soap. It is also possible to machine wash it in a gentle program, but remove beforehand all detergent residues in the detergent chamber of the washing machine. Persistent stains can also be treated in advance with undiluted LOFT WASH ECO soap and a sponge.

Fibertec Loft Wash Eco

The coconut oil-based soap optimizes the loft of synthetic fillings, they stay soft and elastic even after many wash cycles. It is bluesign®-approved and biodegradable, and doesn’t contain any silicon, paraffin or microplastics.

For our down CozyBag SNOW you can use the special DOWN WASH ECO soap, which is equally environmentally friendly and optimized to care for the special properties of downs.

Fibertec Down Wash Eco


Water repellent treatment with spray

The CoyzBag should still be slightly wet to treat it. Put it outside or on the terrace on a surface with newspaper or an old blanket underneath. Spray evenly with the TEXTILE GUARD ECO spray from a distance of approx. 15 cm. The pump-spray bottle made of 100% recycled plastic needs no propellant gases and the solution is PFC-free, bluesign®-approved and biodegradable.

Fibertec Textile Guard Eco Spray

This treatment must be activated through heat. The best and easiest way is to use your dryer. Just put the still humid CozyBag into the dryer and select normal temperature. Alternatively, you can use an iron on low heat.

CozyBag Zippy in snow

But FIBERTEC is working on a PFC-free spray that doesn’t need heat to activate, so that it can dry at ambient temperature. That will make it even easier to refresh the water repellence.

Find here a shop nearby to pick up the FIBERTEC products:

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