How to use the WrapSack

March 27, 2018

How to use the WrapSack

The easy way to pack your CozyBag - or any other sleeping bag - without having to strain your arm or break your nails trying to stuff them into too small packsacks. 

We explain in our instruction here in detail how to wrap up your CozyBag in the WrapSack and we have printed a reminder on the WrapSack itself.

First spread the WrapSack on a flat surface and fold your CozyBag roughly in half. Lay it down on it as shown here:


Roll it up tightly with the help of the tail... 


...until the center of the WrapSack:


Pull the cord and pull the border of the WrapSack around the CozyBag:


Pull the cord as tight as you like and secure it with the stopper, stuff the lose end of the cord under the border into the WrapSack:


Close the buckles and pull the straps to compress the whole WrapSack as small as you want:


Now you can just grab the handle and go, or stuff the small pack into a backpack:


You can see in our video below how easy it is to wrap up the CozyBag in it:

The small WrapSack fits for the CozyBags Light, Classic and Kids. The big WrapSack is for the CozyBags Wilderness, Zippy and Snow. But you can also use it for any other sleeping bag you want to pack.

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